May 10, 2013


Happy Friday, peeps!!
The weekend is getting closer and I am sure no one objects to that, right?!:) With that I mind, I find myself wishing for preety things, and in a new house, I find them everywhere! I try to always have some fresh flowers in the living room and in my bedroom, because flowers, even the tiniest, make me happy. Another thing I find makes me happy are patterns, bold ones, contrasting ones. I tend to be drawn to black and white graphic patterns the most. In a soft room, I find a bold pattern adds just the amount of punch the place needs to be alive and kicking!! Check out this gorgeousness I love:

This whole place is spectacular, but the floors bring the wow factor, right?!

Dark and diamond/chevron rug?? Oh, my!!

A more subtle graphic in the rug grounds the room.

In a otherwise neutral room, the rug offers the salt and pepper the space needed!!

This room is pure perfection!!

Graphic sofa and ottoman!!

The stripes  and the pillows add life to the room!

Well, as I told ya'all graphics in a decor make me happy, they make me feel the place is me. In the master bedroom I choose stripes in the rug, curtains and duvet, and every time I enter the room I get a "wow, this is me!!" moment!! Another graphic element I have in the house is my pink chevron painting in the girls' room, remember?!

Also, in the living room, which is coming along nicely, but still needs to be finished, I have a few graphic elements that make the space happy and fun. Here's a peek:

My graphics in the living room come from Ikea: the pillow and the blanket, and they make me really happy!! What say you? Do you like some graphics in your house?? Do share!!


All images, except the last two, via this Pinterest board.


  1. Ai cui sunt ochelarii? :)

  2. Auzi, Iulia, dar vinul nu l-ai observat? E de la Chisinau, l-am cumparat cand am fost la nunta ta!!

  3. my God, when you're hooked on something you're really ... hooked. You even used the word "graphics" so many times in this post that it made my tongue ache...

    Do you wear reading spectacles or is it just for the show?

  4. Your tongue? Aching? I don't see how that's possible!:) I don't wear glasses...

  5. Me encanta la tendencia de los gráficos Ozana , lindas inspiraciones


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