May 9, 2013

Quick cuteness

Hey, ya'all!!
Just wanted to share with you a cute spot in my yard, one that I have to thank hubby for!! So:

Thanks, hubs!! Kiss ya!!

He did this while I was sleeping with my little one, in like one hour and a half!! Don't ask me what he used or how he did it, just enjoy the cuteness!! He is happiest of all of us, I know he has always wanted to live in a house, he hated the apartment, now that he has his own yard to take care of, his own lawn to mow, his own plants to plant/water/enjoy afterwards, he is in his own element!! Not to mention the deers he has spotted around the house, in the nearby woods!! Pure heaven, for him!!
Check out his little project:

He made this to cover the water pump hole, because we spotted our little one circling around, curious to see what's down there... so this is what hubs came up with!! Cute, right?!
What have you been up to, loves?? Do share!!



  1. I can only imagine your hubs ecstatic about living in a house.

  2. Que lindo lo que hizo yu marido , me encanta lindo lindo


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