May 7, 2013

Porch designs

Hello, finally!!
It's getting warmer and warmer by the day here and this makes me think of outdoor terrace/porch designs. In the living room and in the kitchen we have two big sliding doors that lead to the porch. I seee many designs with a seating/relaxing area on the porch and they are great, but for me, moving in a house meant dreaming of being able to have us and the kids eat breakfast, lunch or dinner outside, so I need a table and chairs, an eating area for that space. We have bought a table and four chairs, but they are nothing stylish, we are going to change them as soon as the house has some colour on it and the outdoor landscaping starts taking shape. Here are some inspirational photos I like:

This is a dream!!

Great for family gatherings!!

Always a fan of iron, I think it is so elegant!!

Love the simplicity of it..

Two seating areas would be a dream, but I don't have that much space..

This is tiny and not an eating area, but it is gorgeous!!!

Hubby has had this old carriage for a while now, he planned on using it as a decorative flower stand and I didn't like it much!! Now that it is painted and in place, I love it!! We plan to fill it with summer plants and make it the centerpiece of the yard!
Also, you can see here that the fence is a work in progress, we had Easter here, this Sunday, so work stopped but it will be resumed after a few weeks....Wish us luck!!


All images, except the last, are from Houzz, this ideabook.


  1. Keep giving us tips on the perfect porch. Much needed!:)

  2. You didn't show me your porch, though... I'm gonna have to come again!!:))

  3. Indeed, I didn't...because there wasn't much to be seen. But I'm counting on you for ideas!:)So come again!

  4. I love the carriage, talk about nostalgic!

  5. Muy buenas inspiraciones de porche. Y me encanto ese carro ya me lo imagino lleno de flores


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