May 8, 2013

Gold spray-painted books (diy)

Hi, muffins!!
Today I am going to show you a very simple and preety DIY project I did yesterday, while the girls were playing shop and hubby was mowing the lawn. A few days ago I brought some old books to the house and filled my tiny bookcase in the living room. My books were cleaned and arranged carefully on the shelves. One set of three books (Rebreanu, for those of you who are familiar with Romanian literature) had lost its paper covers, leaving them bare and neutral. I decided to go gold, again, so this is what I've got now:

I decided to spray paint the books, using a gold mirror-effect spray, and also brought out other stuff I thought I might use for the books, but ended up not using them.

I started spray painting, insisting on the side of the book, as I was going for a gold-metal finish. It was easy as breathing, hubby didn't even notice I was working on this project!!:))

Don't mind the pots, they are newly-bought hydragenas and are about to be planted in the yard!!

The books look aged and I love it!!

And here are my three gold books on the shelves in the living room!!

See?! Told you it was easy!!:)



  1. And the spray, did you buy it from Romania? If so, please send me a better picture to know what to look for.

    Books are perfect :D And so are the hydragenas.

    1. You can buy it here:

  2. Genial amiga y buen trabajo con esos libros


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