Jun 22, 2013

Bad, bad blogger!!

The shortest post ever is brought to you by...well, me!! This is what is happening now, so excuse my lack of posts this week, all the preparation kept me preety busy... Plus, the reading bug caught me... I read even in the bathroom:)) 
So, people, we're applying a neutral colour textured coat on the house, nine men are doing it, actually, with me and hubby "supervising" their work! Eeek!! I like the colour we chose, I dreamed of white, but hubby convinced me to use a neutral, more on that in another post!! This colour is called "coffee-ish":)) 
Have a great weekend!! 



  1. Estas pintando tu casa !!! Mi marido tampoco coincide mucho con mis gustos , siempre pasa ,,, ya verás que esos colores que el elige pasan menos de moda

  2. Yo gueria blanco, pero me gusta mucho este color que elegimos tambien!!


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