Jun 18, 2013

Two stumps and a plant

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was...well working on my tan, and I did a great job!!:)) Having my  own yard really works for me!!
Today I show you some stuff I painted...again!! Remember I really wanted stumps in the house? Well, I finally began working on some tree stumps hubby brought home and, after letting them dry a bit , I decided to use some stain I had left over from the stairs. One stump was stained and then I used a cloth to wipe the excess, and after I did this twice, I painted the top in white paint; here's how it looks now in the living room:

For the other stump I didn't wipe off the stain, I applied two coats and let it dry. On the top I used Annie Sloan Pure White, it looks better than the other one painted in oil-based paint. Chalk Paint is more matte, and I think it suits my taste better. But the top of the stump was the last thing painted in Pure White, as I finished all my sample with other projects...Here is the other tree stump in my bedroom:

Our hallway upstairs is preety much bare, it needs a runner, a mirror some art and ...well, a lot of other stuff, but the first thing I put was a plant!! Yeyyy for green!!

I painted the pot Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, a black I mixed up myself and drew a simple pattern using white and some fuchsia... My sister said it looked like a child drew it!!:)) I like it.. simple and fun....

That's it, folks!! Have a great week!!



  1. Qué lindo ese tronco de velador Ozana y me encanto ese macetero pintado

  2. love stumps! yours turned out great :)

    1. I ve been meaning for soooo long to bring stumps in the house...:)

  3. Oh I love this. I too have stumps that are in my cottage and in the garage there, they have been drying out all winter. I haven't decided if I was just going to varnish them as now they have greyed in colour or stain or paint them. Yours turned out great and I hadn't thought of using chalk paint on the top, which looks fabulous by the way. I am also doing a chalk paint project which I'll be sharing soon. Cheers!

  4. You know, Lisa, I simply love how the one with chalk paint on top looks!! It makes it even more organic...if that s even possible!! You should try it, it will look amazing!!

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