Jun 10, 2013

Structurata/ Exterior paint colour choices

Ok, so we moved, arranged things inside (for the most part), but the exterior landscaping and facade is yet to be tackled with. A couple of weeks ago, the fence underwent some work, and is promissing to look great! This week we have to pick colours for the exterior paint for the house. 
I was super duper inspired and happy to find this amazing house repainted by the girls at White+Gold Design and had high expectations to convince hubby to do something similar. And by similar I mean using white and some other accent colour. I so want white for the facade!! I think it's classy and special and it really makes me happy!! Hubby isn't loving it as much as I do, though... He's more beige (BIG BLAH!!) and browns... I kinda hate this trend of painting your house beige/brown. Take a look at this gorgeousness:

It is stunning, right?? Our house has a dark smokey brown rooftop and the windows/doors are the same, a dark brown (wenge). So hubs says that going beige would be better, I love white though.... there's the "dirt" factor also, white gets dirty faster and easier... I really hope I can convince him to go White!! We are going to use another accent colour, but I want white as the base colour!! Here are other white houses I found:

Love the grey shutters!!

The windows are dark-just like mine!!

Love the dark shutters!!

Our house- there's the fence in progress and you can also see the rooftop.

The new s..t here in Romania is to paint your house using textured paint. It's an exterior paint with some sand particles in it that allows the end result to be different that a normal paint. I think it isn't called paint, it's thicker, like plaster. Like this:

There are several ways to apply this paint this resulting in different finishes. I am going to use the first one, the vertical one. And, hopefully, in white!!:) Hubby favours this colour combo, though:

We saw this house while driving back from the countryside this weekend and hubby asked me to snap a photo, as he really liked the colours. It's nice, nothing to say, but I would love white...and maybe the lighter colour on this house as an accent colour. What say you?? Help!! Plus, we're going to have wood in the fence, not iron...

Also, we are going to have to choose some natural stone for the fence... I liked this white-ish stone here (just look at the stone on the bottom, ignore the rest of the fence!!) AND, the colour of the house should coordinate with the stone...

Uffff!! Decisions, decisions, any ideas??



  1. Siding, in different colours- yellow, white, beige, light green- is my suggestion. It is 20 years guaranteed.:)

  2. I know, I like it, but hubby doesn t like it much... Plus, he d have to install it himself... a big no on this from his part...

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