Jun 12, 2013

Glasstop table

I love a good glasstop table. I think it allows the room to breathe, it doesn't overwhelm the space and it reflects light, making the room bigger. For the apartment we used to live in I bought a glasstop table and I loved it so much I took it to the new house too. The legs were covered in leather, which was preety much destroyed, but after I took it out and painted the legs black it got its spunk on again! Now it shines in our new kitchen, and I couldn't be happier to see it every morning!!

I love this table, it is so nice and easy to clean!! Check out this stunner photo I found that uses a glasstop table:

This is just mad, right??

The table is subtle enough to let the chairs be the stunner, and what chairs!! Also I love the big black abstract art!! Add a touch of gold and I rest my case!!



  1. Love those chairs around your table, they look so comfy!

    1. You know, they are indeed confortable!! To tell you the truth, they are office chairs, and the table is a conference table, they tagged it so in the store, but I didn't care!! I still love it after 8 years! !


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