Jul 20, 2013

Beach art

I'm back!! And posting on Saturday!! Let's start light after the vacation I took, shall we?? What better way than to continue with some "holiday on the beach" theme?!!
There are numerous beach prints available out there, and a few are considered great. I agree!! Grey Malin, for example, a name I stumble upon every time I find a beach print I love!! But at $250 the smallest print, no thanks!! Unless it's a gift!!:)) This one is my fave:

Dream on, right?!

But what is a DIY kind of girl to do?? Find a solution, right?!!! After taking a few photos of the Black sea, I'm set!! Next week I'll have them printed and up on the walls!! Check them out:

And some family thrown in for good measure...

What say you? Yay or nay??



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