Jul 13, 2013

Cheating on furniture with fashion..

Hey, peeps!!
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that my world expanded a bit these days, I became interested in fashion again.... I kinda forgot about it since opening the blog, being  focused on decorating the house and Diy-ing my ass off!! But, as in less than a month I'm starting work again (after a three-year break), how I dress myself became important! To make a headboard, hack a piece of Ikea furniture or tuft a stool, you don't need a manicure or heels, but to go to work in front of people and teach kids, for me is a must! Power tool girl is still here, as I went to the salon to have my mani+pedi done, came home with these....

 ...and these...

...and what's a DIY girl to do, but put on two pair of gloves and ... stain, sand, wax, buff!! I was soooo lucky not to get stain on the manicure, I couldn't help but work on the desk I've been waiting for so long to do!! But, when the end result is this, I'm a happy girl!!

I cannot help but incorporate fashion items in my decor... what do you think about this ?? Do you like mixing scarves, necklaces or shoes into your vignettes?? Here is what I did:

...the antler wears a blue necklace and sports a vintage clutch...

...a diy necklace rests on the TV next to my hydragena and another antler...

...even Buddha joins the party sporting another diy pom-pom necklace I made...

See?? I wanted this post to be about fashion, and it ended up being about decor... Here are the fashion-related photos I wanted to show you:

....high heels will ALWAYS make you look skinnier...
...also lost a few pounds...yeeeyy yo me!!

...mix and match is how I do it!!

...a black and white rug will make anyone look better!!:))

....colour and heels in my closet...

...party shoes!!!

...always loved red lipstic, never wore it, ...till now!!


Now, tell me your honest opinion: did you expect such a post? about fashion? Ha!! I say it works great as a Saturday post, right?!



  1. You're the cutest thing Ozana, I love this post! Fashion translates into decor all the time, both are avenues of our creative selves, so this post was just watining to happen! Keep it up, I love it!

  2. Mi querida amiga Ozana eres mucho más bonita que en la foto de tu portada... Amiga eres linda y tus accesorios están topisimos

  3. Gracias, amiga, eres muy dulce!!


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