Jul 23, 2013

Desk stylings

Hey, loves!!
Lazy summer days around here, and with the new puppy happy they are busy days... I am itching to DIY something, either a sunburst mirror, a painting or two, or some gold leafing... no time and resources yet, though... What to do then? Mix it up, change things around, right?!
Remember my DIY striped desk?? I couldn't love it more!! The minute I brought it up in the bedroom I styled it.. .then loved it till now... when it looked a bit cluttered. Here is my initial styling:

There is definitely an antler invasion in the bedroom, but I like it like it for now!!My favourite items there were the photo inspiration board (used my Malachite painting for it) and the antler+ vintage clutch+ blue necklace trio. For the second styling they remained, so check it out:

The vase, candle and books are gone...

...and one of the boxes I did is on the desk now...

So, which one is your favourite styling? The first or the second? I'd like to know!!



  1. I like the first; it is more eye-catching to me.:)

  2. Me me gusta mucho ese mueble como se te ve Ozana , todas esas ideas me gustan mucho especialmente la primera cariños

  3. The first, without the flowers in the vase. Love that desk! Insanely killer

  4. I know how you feel. When I'm not working on a project around the house I feel a little lost. Then I start walking around looking for stuff to rearrange of make using leftover materials from past projects. I love what you did with your desk. Such a neat way you stained then painted it.


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