Jul 4, 2013

Living room!!

The living room is a space that I haven't shown a lot, mainly because I was waiting to find a large piece of art to hang above the sectional, that wall looked so sad and alone... Now, that I have got that covered,  here  is my living room now...

The silver tray I got from my mom, I love how it mixes with the gold vase...

I showed you this photo yesterday to showcase my gold sparkly sheers...

This chandy is well worth its money!! Makes me happy every time I look at it!!

Now, a little background info for you, guys. My living room started with grey floors, white walls and dark windows/ doors. Afterwards came the black and white wall unit, the green and black armchairs and the grey sectional. The colours were all cold. I needed some warmth, hence the curtains. The sheers are tan/gold and the solids are blush tafeeta. From then on I played with the warm colours some more, adding gold framing to the wall piece and choosing a gold chandelier.

PicsArt photo!!

My berber- style shaggy rug...

Diy  pillow...

This is the giant piece of art I've been waiting for!!

I chose a gold frame...

View into the kitchen....

Now, about the piece on the wall: it is huge, 140/90 cm, 
and HUBBY DOESN'T LIKE IT!! I say it is great, 
it seems to unite all the colours in the room: 
the gold/blush curtains, grey sectional, green armchairs... 
What do you say? Does it fit in this room?

Full view...

Still having issues with this wall piece...
What's your opinion? Yay or nay??

Now, go and have a cup of coffee/tea cause your head must be spinning from all these photos!!:)) Do leave a comment telling me what you think, loves!!



  1. I just love that table and the arrangement!

  2. S mi me gusta Ozana como has combinado tod , las butacas verdes ,la mesa negra, las cortinas y de sello ese hermoso cuadro

  3. Keep this going please, great job!

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  4. Ozana, just saw your living room over at blogger home; congratulations! :-) & I really love how you decorated and styled your space! :-) the gold and pink touches are my favourites; they are beautiful and would love to do it in my house but my husband is not a fan of pink and I'm the only girl in this house :-) I also really LOVE your art; the pink is beautiful framed in gold! :-)

    1. You're so kind, Ingrid! My husband indeed raised his eyebrow a bit seeing the pink, but got used to it eventually!!:)) After all, he's the only guy in the house, and now, with the puppy, we're four girls!!

  5. I love the room but I must agree with your husband... sorry. The colours of the painting do match with the room but the pattern is not at all to my liking It's like smudgy wallpaper with that pattern that repeats. Anyway, YOU must like it not strangers, it's your home and you should put in it all the things that make you happy :)


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