Jul 3, 2013

I did gold curtains!!

Hey, friends!! What have you been up to these days?? Me?! Not much, me and the girls go through these summer days like a mouse through cheese!! (omg, what comparisons I'm making!!:))) And I have a new friend, un unpleasant one, it's called headache.. bummer..  But.... let me show you my headache antidote (not really, but a girl can dream...):

Isn't this just gorgeous?? The gold curtains frame the window perfectly!!

How sazzy is this?? Very, in my book!! The sheers add perfect texture!!

Gold and grey, a mix I dig!!

Lovely French look!

An elegant layered look, every little detail fits!!

Why am I writing about gold curtains? Why I love them? And why I feel so good whenever I see them? Well, because I see them every day, when I enter the living room. I found some great gold sparkly sheers and mixed them with taffeta curtains:

You can see the sparkle of the sheers here....

...and the blush-gold taffeta curtains in the back...

So, convinced yet???


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  1. Ozana - I am loving what I am seeing. I wanna see a full shot of them? Although its so hard to get a good pic when shooting into the window/light, right? LOVE it so far!

  2. I love it that you love the curtains!!:) Yes, those photos are so difficult to take!! And I take pictures with my phone, so... But I will post photos of the entire living room soon!!:)

  3. Que bonitas esas cortinas en color oro Ozana ,, piensa poner?..


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