Jul 1, 2013

Narrow hallway styling

Heya, lovelies!!
I thought that my house styling would have finished by now, at least on the inside, but I am finding out that a house is decorated in time, and I have a few spaces that have yet to get styled. One of these places is the upstairs hallway, the one that connects the three bedrooms and the bathroom. It is a narrow hallway, around 130 cm wide and 6 metres long. Long live the internet, cause here are some inspirational photos I like:

I like the idea of painting only the lower half of the wall...

Art wall+ cool rug=love 

Great idea to make the hall look longer!!

I think the runner is important in a small space, this animal print one is to die for...

Let's envision this: my grey laminate floors:

 .....a striped black& white wall at one end of the hallway...

 ..a gold curvy mirror on that wall...

...some art on the left wall...

 ...a great runner (or multiple runners)...

..a console+ plants on the other end of the hall, under the roof window...

Can you picture it?! I see it perfectly!!

Have a great week, friends!!



  1. Ozana amiga estamos en lo mismo!!!

  2. Lo vi, amiga, que las dos tengamos inspiracion, no?!


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