Aug 20, 2013

Stone for the outdoors

Hi, friends!! During these hot days I am not doing much, except for being a mom to a sick kid and to the other maybe-sick-kid. That sucks!! You know what doesn't suck? Things getting done!! Like work on our fence and porch!! Yeeyy!!

No-grout section... Sorry about the mess...:))

This is a grouted section.....we are debating whether to apply a transparent 
finish that would accentuate the colour of the stone...

I love the gold copper stone we chose for the outdoors, and I can't wait till the workers are done!! One more week, they say!! For the terrace, in between the three columns that sustain the roof, we are going to install black wrought iron railings, simple and straight, similar to these:

We are also going to dress the stairs in the same stone, so this look is kind of similar, except that our house has a different finish. Hubby had to be convinced to go with this simple design for the railings, but I am sure it is going to look cool, maybe kind of simple-clean almost industrial look??

Love those railings...

Other beautiful images:

What are your thoughts on stone for the outdoors?? Do you think it only works for a rustic feel, as I've been already told? Or can you see it, like me, in a modern-clean-industrial look?? Do share!!


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  1. Linda esa piedra rústica Ozana , después me tienes que mostrar el trabajo terminado

  2. Nothing like the beauty of natural stone to enhance a home. Love how this is going to look.

  3. The stone is going to be just gorgeous, nothing like stone. I always say simple is best. but I always thought stone to be more on the rustic look also. Which to me is just so grand. Its going to be magnificent no matter what we call it.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  4. Hi, Marie!! Yes, stone is rustic, I just hope that by pairing it with straight iron railings, and a darker kind of floor tiles, it'll look cleaner and a bit on the industrial side.
    Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. I love this Ozana. It's going to be beautiful and I love the simple black railings. It will give it a more industrial feel and the stone needs to sing without competing with the railings.
    I have stone walls at my cottage as well, they go completely around the house as a flower bed wall and also close in the beach area from the grass area. They were done 20 years ago and are still in fabulous shape. I wish the house exterior was stone, so much easier to maintain than wood. Can't wait to see the finished yard. And hope your sick little ones recover quickly.

    1. So glad you understood what I was saying about the industrial look!! I love stone too, for the organic feel and for its resilience!!
      My daughters are already better, thank you for asking!
      xo, Lisa

  6. It looks great! I love stone outdoors; I want to add some to our house someday. I think stone can go rustic or modern, depending on the cut, color and what you pair with it.

  7. I' m going for a modern/industrial look, hope I'll achieve it!!
    Thanks for your comment, Jessica!!


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