Aug 16, 2013

Thrifting in my hometown...

Thrifting for home accesories? What more can a girl ask for?? Well, some decent jeans would be nice, but that's another fashion need we won't be talking about here..:) Mom needs to get her act together because she didn't know about this store I found while enjoying a walk around my town!! Mom, you're grounded!!:))
Here is what I found:

Blue and white plate.. and pink small vase...

...painted planter/ small urn...

...distressed copper planter...
(is it copper??) small planter...

...another beautiful blue/white plate....

...silver platter... distressed metal platter....

...lovely combo, right?

All of them!!

Two oil paintings:

...and together with the one from my mom, I'll be taking THREE paintings home!!!

...framed b&w postcard...

...these two framed posters, the bird one is a drawing/painting, lovely brass frame!!
Destination: girls' room!!

...and an agate-like platter, it can also be hung on the wall !!

I got my thrifting mojo back with these finds!! I couldn't be happier!! Now the only problem is the amount of luggage we'll have to carry home, all these, plus some potted plants, the runner, oh my, we'll have to use a bigger car!!:))
How was this Friday for you? Luck as mine? Do share!!



  1. What gems! The art pieces are amazing!

  2. Love the blue plates and the artwork! Gems!

  3. lindos esos hallazgos Ozana, eso si ahora a trasladarlos!!

  4. Great finds! I love the agate-looking platter.

  5. Lovely!!
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    A chic kiss ;)


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