Sep 14, 2013

New orb pendant and life lately...

Happy Saturday! I am posting today just because I have some time, something I have been deprived of lately! Why? Well, I went back to my job (teaching) again, sent the little one to kindergarten and finalized all the preparation for my eldest daughter starting first grade on Monday. In addition to that, we had another three or four people in the yard putting the stone on the fence and the floor tiles on our porch. A lot of things are getting done before the cold settles in...
A week ago, after waiting for it a month, the orb chandelier finally arrived. I love it, especially because this type of orb pendant is not very popular in my country, so I was very happy to find one online and order it. Then I had the pleasant surprise to find out that my husband liked it when I showed him the picture and a bigger surprise to see that he loves it now, installed!! Yey, hubby!!

Have a great weekend, any good news on your front? Do share!!



  1. Cute! Makes your kitchen look a million bucks!:)

  2. Beautiful! I love the statement it makes in the room Ozana!


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