Sep 15, 2013

Man meets woman

On a sunny but chilly Sunday like this, I am showing you a happy marriage between masculine and feminine. Why? Well, because this copper-head feminine is waiting for her masculine to come home!:)) Have I told you I found myself the perfect shade of copper?? Digressing, sorry, here is the perfect picture:

I am loving the white girly seetee and the pinkish rug against the dark moody masculine walls, the subtle injection of gold and pattern and the flowing movement-like felling of the chandelier. I think this space is close to perfection, at least for my aesthetic. What do you think? Do share!!!



  1. I like it. I think the coral and the pattern on the wallpaper help make it so it's not just girly furniture in a masculine room.

  2. I love this space! Just the right amount of everything, to give it that overall perfect balance.

  3. Hola amiga lindo espacio , me encanta el contraste del sillón blanco con fondo negro y cojines rosados


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