Sep 29, 2013

On my porch...

.....the sun is still shining, casting pretty straight lines on the graphite tiles we chose... The grass is still green, although the corn in our neighbours' garden is already yellow... Choosing to use natural stone for the outside fence and for the poles on the porch proved to be a good decision, the stone we chose has a beautiful golden sheen that glitters in the sun... I would have wanted to have straight railings, without those small circles on the top, but hubby said it would hold better in time, and he was afraid to go that minimal, yet  now I like how the metal railings turned out! 
The fence is not ready yet, it still needs wood planks in between the poles, but we'll keep it like this for now, with another project going on behind the house....
I am as happy as I can be with my porch!! And I love the colour of the sky in this photo:

Have a great week!!



  1. Hola Ozana querida linda vista de tu porch, realmente te quedaron muy lindas esas barandas , y no le hagas tanto caso a tu marido je je

  2. Your porch is lovely and the tile is fabulous! I know you'll enjoy it along with your lovely yard!
    xo Nancy

  3. It looks beautiful! So calm and serene, and I love the materials you chose.


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