Nov 12, 2013

47 Park Avenue- gorgeousness all the way!!

Yes!! It is indeed gorgeous!! What is? you ask... Well this place:

I bet I got your attention now!!

As a teacher, I always try to present the audience with what can be expected during a class, so today I tell you, I am going to leave you speechless!!
This beautiful and yes, PERFECT place belongs to Michael from 47 Park Avenue, a great blog/store/perfect-place-to-drool-in and feel inspired. No, I don't know much about the person in question (although Instagram lets you in on every one's life a bit!:), but I bet he must be special and very talented, because he created this whole place:

No, this is not creepy for me, I'd love to take long baths here, remember I used to sleep under a whole wall of antler trophies?!
(sweet-sweet childhood o'mine!!)

.. you know I love me some bold graphic in b&w!!


...just love the deep wood with the contrasting 
white tiles and the black!!

Colour and texture so powerful and happy!!

These pops of colour are simply amazing.

Now this.... speechless, I tell' ya!!

...darn!! Even the dog's cute!!
Fits right in!!

To tell you the truth, this place is on my inspiration board since I found the images... it is truly inspiring, and what I love it more is the fact that it was created to be lived in, plus a touch of glam! 
I am sure some of you have already seen these images, but I am almost sure that the readers from my country, Romania, haven't, so I am sharing them because talent should be really enjoyed!!



  1. Wow Ozana, this home IS stunning! That head over the tub- a little creepy, I have to say, but the rest of I LOVE, thanks for sharing!

  2. woww Ozana realmente maravillosa, muros negros impactantes.. ese baño con esa lampara.. adoraria darme un baño ahi


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