Nov 19, 2013

Wire chairs

My house is almost fully-decorated, but there are still a few things, some corners which still need tweaking and furnishing. I have no wallpapers on the walls yet, I will need two, I need some more open shelving, some more art, big pieces, cause I like my art big:)... I would also love to have at least one of these beauties:


....this black chair is making my heart sing...

... a pair would rock my world....

... a bit different but still beautiful....

Well, these are my thoughts now.... what about yours? Do share!!


Images here.


  1. Que lindas esas sillas Ozana , me encantan como están combinadas en la primera foto

  2. So these are the Harry Bertoia chairs, and I adore them. I used to own the barstools, but unfortunately I got rid of them ;( Now I have one in my bedroom with a sheepskin on it, and I love it!

  3. They're beautiful! I think the ones in the fourth picture, the ones that are slightly different, are my favorite.

  4. Love them, sculptural and practical. I'm really liking the first ones.


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