Nov 5, 2013

White dishes

Hello, friends!!
I have a few seconds ( or more) to spare, so I thought of putting them to good use, by posting about what inspires me these days: white dishes! I think they are so classy, timeless, chic and inspiring. I will definitely have such a display in my kitchen, just you wait and see!:)) Throw in some art, a pile of books and an antler, and it's my kind of perfection!!

Inspired yet??


Images via Pinterest.


  1. I like white dishes; our main dishes are white with a gold border. The nice thing about white dishes is you can buy them super cheap and they'll still look good, and if you break one replacing is easy.

  2. Hola amiga a mi me pasa lo mismo yo adoro la vajillas blanca,, yo al cambiarme ha esta casa me deshice de odo lo antierior y ahora tengo pura vajilla blanca

  3. LOVE white dishes, its all I use and have used for years!


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