Jan 18, 2014

Divan Romania

Divan is the name of a Turkish restaurant that caught my attention while cruising my Facebook page and I fell in love with its decor. The colour combination is so soft and yet powerful and the textural feeling that the space brings is almost too perfect for words! I love the weathered wood, love the aqua blue and the sunset orange, just you take a look:

What gorgeous lights, the chandelier is so ethereal and soft, and the blue in the 
pendants brings colour and depth to the space, don't you think?

The walls were given a  patchwork textile treatment and they offer a great 
earthy background for the colours used throughout.

...beautiful lace-looking woodwork....

This place is heavily intricate and abounds in elements, 
but to me it not at all overwhelming, what do you think??

...the floors, the bar and the wall behind it are all busy but not tiring for the eye...
...also, I love the multitude of pendants!!

Natural light is a must for such a place!

Can we talk about the colour of the ceiling? PERFECT!!

And when you thought things couldn't get any better...BAM!! the details on this ceiling!!

... this is one of my fave shots!!

I am fascinated with this arch...

This place has a lot going on: arches, textile wall treatment, weathered wood, intricate tiles on the floors and walls, greys, warm tones, chandeliers and all, but to me it evokes the Turkish life, full of colour, movement and flavours. It is a impromptu trip to a Turkish bazar, filling you with the joy of life. And if you're lucky enough to actually go to this place, I bet it will leave you wanting to return.


Images here.


  1. Que lugar más hermoso Ozana , adore ese espectacular cielo y esa muralla llena de tapetes,, imagino que son alfombras turcas


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