Jan 20, 2014

Thinking of change...

Hey, guys!! Change, change, change for the beginning of 2014, it is just hitting me now! It is starting with the living room. Remember this?

I am sooo thinking of replacing the curtains with this:

Everything in my living room is black, white and grey, except for the armchairs, which are deep green velvet, but they are lighter than in the photo. I have always dreamed of having emerald green curtains in the living room, and I plan of having white sheers to let the light in. The current gold sheers I have are glittery and gorgeous as you can see here:

... but they are blocking the natural light for coming in the room, so my plan is to move them to the "garage" (which is not a garage anymore, it was transformed into a room from the beginning, we figured the car is just fine parked outside:). The room has floor to ceiling 3 m wide windows, so the golden sheers will not block light as much there. 

What say you? Any input??? Do share!!



  1. Yo opino que ese salón donde abunda el negro , blanco y gris le quedará muy bien unas cortinas verde Esmeralda

  2. The glittery sheers are beautiful! But if you feel that you want & need more light in your living room, go for changing them out for sheers that will allow more light to filter through. Then you can design a whole new room around your glittery sheers when you move them into the garage that isn't a garage anymore :-)

  3. I'm feeling the green sheers, Ozana! I think that's a nice color to bring into the room. I like the purple in your flowers too as another option.

  4. I've been crushing on that shade of green of late! Can't wait to see what you decide!


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