Jan 30, 2014

Fur in fashion

Hello, there!! This is a fashion post ... and I will state my love for fur, so.... no hate mail, please!:)
Just so you get the full picture: my father was a hunter, so I grew up with furs on the floors, fur coats, hunter's steaks, guns, bullets... you name it!! Oh, and I remember my father once brought a baby deer ( I think it was Bambi :) once, and we kept it in the tub (!!) for like two days till it got better, he had a bad leg. We all took care of him and then my father took it into the woods and released him/her (?).
I have been sleeping all of my childhood nights with a trophy wall above my head, as the bed was against that wall and my sleep was so perfect. And by trophy wall I mean deers' antlers, ranging from small to one meter between the antlers. My sleep was PERFECT!!
Now that I moved into our new house, in my bedroom, I have, yes, you guessed it, antlers!!:) And I fell...at home!! Well, hubby is also a hunter, so...imagine that!!:)
Now for furs... I love them..  dad took care of his girls and a few years ago I made a coat out of the fox furs we had... fashion requested it cropped, and as fox fur is quite thick, the arms looked massive... but the feeling was so great, so I took my coat to my trusty seemstres, and I got this vest! The lady is a genius, I tell you, she took off the arms and made it longer, as I wanted:

Well, I am no model, that is for sure, so here are some of the photos that speak to me, and I love how cozy and easy-to-style a fur coat is, it will always be the star in any outfit:

.....fur and jeans......

....hat and fur.....

...black skirt and fur....

...statement necklace and fur....

...and I also plan to make a fur collar to wear with everything....

Ok, now, what say you??


Images here.


  1. Love the vest! Seriously beautiful! If it is vintage I'm all for repurposing and remodelling it. I would probably have to do faux fur myself due to all the fur babies in my house. However, I do regret not keeping the fur coat my Mom offered me a long time ago. It would have made a great throw, pillow or vest.

  2. I also often say no to mom's clothes, but she's wicked and knows that fashion always comes back, she keeps them so when I "wake up" and ask for an item again, she's prepared!!:)

  3. Hola amiga me gustan mucho las pieles con yeans ya que son muy chic

  4. I like combination of fur with jeans ... (second photo) ...

    Have a great weekend.



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