Feb 4, 2014

Black house

Hey, darlings. Here is what caught my eye on Houzz today:

...black exterior.......ain't this gorgeous??

...to me, this is not gloomy or sad, it is deep and heart-filling!!

...isn't is just beautiful, wild and free??

I love this matte noir....

...gorgeous combo, it reminds me of the colours in my painted armchairs:

Have a great day, loves!!


Images 2-5 here.


  1. Amazing what plants do to an exterior.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  2. I absolutely love black house exteriors! There's a house I've seen for years not too far from me that is black with dark tan shutters that is awesome. There is a wisteria vine that is trained on a trellis that travels over the garage doors. In blooming season the wisteria blooms drip down and pop off the black garage door color. In the summer the black window boxes are filled with fabulous red geraniums and dripping green vines. Again, popping against the black. One of my all time fav houses! and it's Black! I'm with you Ozana, a fabulous look!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

    Thanks soooo much for stopping by to visit us!

    1. Hola Ozana el negro es impactante y espectacular ,, me gusta el rincón de tu casa

  3. Ozana, I love combination of white and black. Black and white always make a bold statement.
    Those colors makes exteriors and interiors more interesting.
    Amazing black houses!
    Have a nice day!

  4. Love the dramatic statement a black house makes...


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