Feb 3, 2014

Blue and white beauty

Happy Monday, friends, and let's make this a good week, shall we?? What better way to start the week than by linking up?? Where, you say?? Well, on this inspiring blog I've been reading for a while now, and it so just happens I have something to share with today. I'm talking about The Pink Pagoda. Monday is The Blue and White Bash Day. What's the deal?? Well, we state our love for white and blue, and as I have a couple of white and blue porcelains on my desk, I decided to share them. So just prepare yourselves for some girly stuff, ok??

...lots of earrings, an orchid and some succulents in a blue and white rectangular vase....

...yeah... that's my beauty spot!!

...a small vase holds my brushes and pencils...

...I guard this spot with my life, my daughters dream of being alone here, but I'm a hawk!!:))

...blue and white porcelain is really pretty, right?? So girly!!

....and that's all, my ladies/men my beauty spot, adorned with a few blue and white cuteness. Do check the bash out, it's full of inspiration!!



  1. Nothing better than blue and white to hold all of your loveliest things!

  2. Hi Ozana, this looks so pretty. I really like how all the brushes are in one place. I need to do this.

  3. I have the same bowl, what a great idea to use it on the vanity!

  4. Love the idea to use blue & white to hold make up!

  5. Ah blue and white love! And if I was your girls' I would want to check it out too :-)

  6. Such a pretty way to use your blue and white collection!

  7. El azul y blanco es un acierto total en la decoración .. Lindas piezas amiga

  8. Blue and white on the vanity is perfect -- thanks so much for linking up, Ozana!


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