Feb 20, 2014

Things to have and love in your house

....and that quiet room should be spectacular!! 

I chose to gather in one post all the things I appreciate about my house, because I do love my place, and I really tried to make it our family's own space, personal and meaningful. Starting from this, I made a list with the stuff that I believe makes a house a home.

1. Plants/ greenery- I love plants, although I do not have the greenest thumb at all, on the contrary, I seem to have a hard time having my plants to bloom (ok, stay alive!). By adding plants to a space I feel closer to nature, and we all know that plants create oxygen, so that's a good thing!

...and plants outside are gorgeous, too!!

2. Cozy bed/ bedding- a good sleep is important for everyone, male, female or child, so having a good matress, some fine cotton bedding and a beautifully styled bed and bedroom is a must!!

3. A well equipped kitchen whether modern or ornate is a very important thing for a women to feel good doing the daily cooking. If you have everything you need at hand, or if it is beautifully styled and according to your and your family's needs, than "mom" will be happy and ready to serve dinner!!

4. Cozy rugs or unexpected rugs are important to me, because they make the room feel lived-in, and as much as I love a hardwood floor, it just feels bare without a rug.

5. Good lighting, whether natural of artificial is a must for a happy house. A well-placed window offers natural light and gives life to the place, while a good size lamp can really upgrade the space.

6.  Meaningful art makes the space feel yours, and by meaningful I mean art that has some special meaning for you, it doesn't have to be expensive, but as long as it makes you smile, it's what I am talking about!!

...aaaaand I am still not over black and white abstracts!!

7. A cozy sofa is mandatory in a home, what better way to relax, than rest in a warm sofa, with a good book or the remote control in your hands??

8. A good TV wall where the focus is on other elements, like art, a beautiful console or plants is both functional and good-looking!!

9. A beautiful bookcase lets you store not only the books you love reading, but small trinkets collected through the years.

It doesn't even have to be huge....

...cause small is gorgeous also!!

10. A comfortable shower or bath, a place to relax and imagine ... well good things that need imagining!! For me a relaxing bath or shower is a must every day because it energizes me and keeps me smiling!!

11. A stylish vanity is a must for women, because it is the place where the magic happens, it keeps all my jewelery, make-up and perfumes  and it gives me the boost I need to face each day with its challenges.

12.  Some wood, cause every home needs to go back to the roots!!

13. ....and only because it is an interior decorating blog, I didn't choose to write about this first, but in order to have a home, you have to have a FAMILY to share it all with!!

...here's us!!

What do you think about this ??? What would you add?? Do share!!


Images here.



  1. Todas las imágenes me gustaron Ozana querida , pero hace la más linda la de su hermosa familia ,,,, Que tenga un feliz fin de semana

  2. I love all! Most especially the 6th one. It’s a kind of interesting to know such interior design, and most of your photos are the best of the best designs I have ever seen so far!. But I’m lucky that I have seen your blog. Inspired!

    Sebastian Chuter

  3. All of the pictures are so beautiful and inspirational.
    You have a nice family!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. The post is great, the photos you chose are fantastic! I would add nr 14, a big big armoire or a separate room, just for the clothes and shoes!


  5. Beautiful post Ozana, I agree with all of them, but have to add one- pets!


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