Mar 3, 2014

Blue and white fab finds

Well, I seem to have a love affair with blue and white... I didn't see that coming, though!!If you had asked me a year ago about these blue and white ceramic stuff I would have passed it in a second, but now... well, now I kinda love it! Well, finding a vintage shop that sells this cute stuff helps my obsession... Can you believe I found the secretary of my dream?? For 1000 Euros?!?!? Of course, I was short of a couple of bucks, so I didn't buy it!:)) Here is what I did buy:

...a teapot, two tea cups, six saucers and six desert plates....

...for the fabulous price of less than ten dollars!!

Yey me??
 I am linking up over at the Pink Pagoda:



  1. I love your blue and white dishes! I've never seen a teapot like yours before. You got everything at such a great price too!

  2. Great find on the set. Love your new set. ;-)

  3. Hola amiga adoro esas piezas chinas!! Linda elección

  4. Oh you had me at blue and white. Love them! The perfect thing for an afternoon spot of tea!

  5. Funny how the blue and white is contagious! Love your treasures. Hope all is well . Xo Nancy

  6. What a find for $10.00.WOW !!! Love the blue and white. You also look so beautiful in the red dress.I guess that is you...LOL
    I would like you to pop on over and celebrate Mardi Gras with us. It will be fun.
    Happy Mardi Gras,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Marie!! That;s my younger sister in the red dress, I am promoting her shop!! I am the one on the right:)

  7. I LOVE the dragon motif!!! So pretty! Thank you for linking up!


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