Mar 12, 2014

Simple diy jewlery holder

Hello, nice to be blogging again!! I haven't had anything nice to show these days, so I was on radio silence, but now I want to show you a very simple and easy diy. I am talking about my way of displaying and keeping my girly stuff: jewlery and makeup. It all started with my order arriving ( after a month!!). I decided I needed some acrylic cosmetic boxes in my life, so I ordered them in February. Here they are on my vanity, doing what they do best: organizing my stuff and looking pretty doing it!!

A whole lot of diy here: my adorned gold metal box, my malachite painting, my striped desk....
....and a pretty acrylic box...

I had to re-vamp my vanity, right? New stuff calls for new styling!! So, I pulled out my furniture nails and finally got the courage to stick them in the frame of my Malachite painting...I had no hammer at hand, so I used my mom's old very heavy garlic grinder! It worked great!!

So, this is my cute-organisational change for spring!!
How do you keep your jewlery and makeup?? Do share!!



  1. Great idea to use the frame for your malachite painting to hold your necklaces :-) I have a jewelry stand for bracelets & necklaces, a ring holder for rings, and I keep my earrings in plastic sectioned containers from the dollar store :-)

  2. Great idea to use the frame on your malachite painting as a necklace holder :-) I have a jewelry stand for my necklaces & bracelets, a ring stand for my rings, and I use plastic sectioned containers from the dollar store for my earring. My hubby started making me a jewelry cabinet abut 6 years ago, and he still hasn't finished it!

  3. Looks great Ozana. I have a makeup desk with organizers inside, and then I have some displayed on top of the desk in skull heads. My jewelry gets organized inside my wardrobe closet.

  4. Wow Ozana! Looove! My vanity is a mess right now! I feel very inspired!! xx


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