Mar 5, 2014

Wicker chairs

Hello, you guys!!
I have always felt a bit jealous of y'all for having where to thrift, I was always reading of great deals on fab finds and I was always bummed I had no place to thrift!! Well, the thrift gods turned their faces on me and I found a great thrift shop!! Yeeeyy!!!
There are some pretty amazing items there, some really out of my price range, but other stuff is really cute and fun!! Like these ones:

I found three of these beauties and, although I am going to do some touch-ups I am really excited!! I am going to paint them (don't know the colour yet) am reupholster the pillows, as they are beaten up.. but I am so happy with them!! And I am always trying to find reasons to go there and look for treasures... I have spotted a floor lamp, someone stole from under my eyes 2 beautiful Chinese paintings... life's exciting while thrifting, right??:)
I am going to paint the chairs, there are a few options that inspire me, but, as much as I like a white wicker like this:


.... I have a feeling I am going to end up with black painted chairs.... I am a black lover.. no need to deny it, right?




Wish me luck!!


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  1. Good luck! I love wicker, it adds such great texture to a room.


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