Apr 25, 2014

Snake plant on my credenza

So... I have two sick kids, nothing too serious, but..still, when your kids are sick everything is messed up... And the family room is still as I have showed you in the previous post, nothing new, but my mind can't stop thinking of decorating it... I planned another post for today, but, as I have just received some plants, I'll be changing my plan and talk to you about them. I love plants and really try not to kill them, but I do sometimes... Let's hope I won't do it to the ones I have received.
Snake plants are supposed to be potted in big pots containing many leaves and I plan to do this, but for now, my snake plant pot looks like this:

...and I am happy with it!!

Together with the snake plant I also received two small rubber tree branches that I am supposed to keep in water until they develop roots...let's see how this goes:) Now, about the rubber tree, I had no idea it was called like this, I have always thought it was some kind of fiddle leaf tree. It is in the "ficus" family, so I guess they are related! Tired of the botanical lesson? No problem, here are some beautiful images with snake plants:

I love them all, what about you?? Do share!


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  1. Hola Ozana me encanta. Las plantas en el interior de las casas .. Yo no pongo mucho por el riego y dedicación que requieren .... Que tengas uno óptimo fin de semana


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