Apr 29, 2014

Go shop rugs, chairs and stools!!

I have been perusing the internet in search of... stuff, and found some really cool things, and, though I have no budget for them all, I thought I'd share them with you. This will be especially useful for my Romanian readers, as they have the possibility to buy them. First, a selection of rugs:

..this is my fave, here.

..this delicious x-stool is gorgeous, I want to order a bench in black!

I have  a crush on this chair... I'd snag four of them, which is exactly how many the seller has left...

Now, go shop!!



  1. De las alfombras me gustan las tres Ozana pero prefiero la primera por ser más clásica y pasar menos de moda .. Ahora también veo que la segunda es más fácil de combinar .. Difícil decisión amiga

  2. Great rugs Ozana and I love that stool! Have a great week!


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