May 3, 2014

For the love of credenzas

Hello, there, my friends!
I have had a few relaxing days, therefore the radio silence, but now I am back and I am ready to show you some beautiful interiors. As I was telling you in this post, spring cleaning and re-vamping led to me seriously needing to decorate my family room (ex-garage). First it was about the curtains, I used the ones I had in the living room, then I needed a storage unit. This led to getting an old credenza from my in-laws. There are two storage units, in fact, but I am using them as a long credenza and I have plans to transform it. More on that later. For now, here are some beautiful examples of wooden credenzas: 

1 words needed for this one...

I love the warm colour of the credenza here, and paired with the pink it looks yummy...

...I like the mid-century vibe of this room...

...this is just stunning, unfortunately there is no way I could even dream this big:(....

Now, for my plans for the credenza, I am going to use the doors of the storage unit I got from my in-laws, and I am going to have a carpenter build the frame for the unit, then I plan to paint it white...I would also paint it a matte black, but I am dreading the dust...I have a black counter top in the living room wall unit and it is so high maintenance keeping it dust-free...So I am leaning towards white.. like here, only the frame would be thicker:


Here is my unit now:


 ..and this is how I plan to transform it (free-hand drawing..:)
I plan to use a metal base.

Again, these are my plans...What do you think? Any suggestions?
Do share!!


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