Oct 26, 2014

Bar cart on big wheels

Hey, happy Sunday!! I am back and I have a few minutes to share with you, so... I am thinking bar carts galore would do! I love bar carts, maybe because I haven't  had one yet and I was still craving one for years... Here are a few examples I love:

... a girlie one..

..a bit more serious, but still fun...

ooops, another girlie one:)...

..a bar cart should scream: PAAARTYY!!...

..black and white and some gold, one of my favourites...

....as a nightstand, fun!!!

...gold plus orchid and horse= big like!

I have always dreamt of having a beautiful vintage bar cart, gold for sure, with glass or some white, with some big wheels as in the last photo! I have looked for the perfect bar cart for ever, one that wouldn't involve selling my kidney. And I found it:

Oh, happy day!! I am waiting for it to arrive, next week I'll get to style it!!

Do you love bar carts, or, not so much? Do share!

Images here.


  1. Hola amiga querida ! Esos carros me encantan , son muy Ăștiles y decorativos , yo hace tiempo estoy buscando alguno similar l deseo que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

  2. Congrats on finding your bar cart, I'm sure you'll have fun styling it :-) I've never had a bar cart, but I do like them - they're both pretty and functional. My favourite of the one you posted is the bar cart used as a night table. The design is really nice, and it's cool seeing a bar cart used for another purpose.

  3. Hi! I love the first one you posted and would love some information on purchasing it. keep doing what you do. Inspires us,

    1. Hello, the source of the images is listed at the end of the post, you can click on it, and you will go on pinterest, which will lead you to the source. Thanks!


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