Dec 14, 2012

Christmas Diy

Ho-ho-ho to you all!!
I was telling you in the last post that I wasn't in a Christmas mood yet, and last night I decided that I should get into it. What better way than to create my own Christmas decorations? It was time for another diy!!

Here's how I did them: I wanted to create a small tree that was not your traditional Christmas tree and I decided I'd do a foam one. I used:
-a sheet of the cheapest foam,
-a roll of metal thread,
-a ruler, a pencil
-hair pins
-Christmas decorations
-some green and purple decorative net

I drew on the sheet three triangles and cut them out with a cutter:

Then I put them together to create a pyramid and tied them with the thread. I initially wanted to glue them but that didn't work with the glue I had.

 Next I used the hair pins to put the garlands on the pyramid. I started with the corners that I chose blue for and then the for the middle I used pink. For the top I chose a lot of colored globes that I also used the hair pins to put in place.
For the other arrangements I chose a golden urn I had from my mom, two  golden ceramic candle holders, branches and the end result is this:

Then I found lying around the house a metallic tea pot and a sugar and cream cup that I also used to create more Christmas decorations. The tea pot was a flea market find that my sister thought I was crazy to buy!! What do you say now, sis?!

I love how it shines in the light, don't you?!

In the cream cup I put two oranges and in the sugar cup I put a metallic bead string and a green globe. Cute?

How cute is that?

Are you in a Christmas mood yet? If not, look again at these photos, maybe you start to hear jingle bells!!:))
Have you started decorating yet? Show me!!


  1. Foarte frumoaseee toate!Termin curatenia si incerc si eu sa fac bradut!:)


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