Dec 17, 2012

Paint it great

Hello, art lovers!!
You all must be art lovers, I think we all are at a certain degree, whether we need it constantly in our lives or we just enjoy it when we come across it. Art can be anything that resonates with our nature, anything that makes us feel happiness, joy or, on the contrary, sadness, melancholy or make us even cry. Don't you worry, though, I'm not talking sadness here, this blog is about happy things!
Today we talk art on walls, paintings, pictures, drawings or photos, whatever we use to make our house a home.
As I already told you in Thursday's post I plan to use a big painting above the radiator in the entry hall, as I believe it's great to be welcomed by some colors or unique style every day. My painting is going to be big, colorful and lots of character. It is going to make visitors come in wanting to see more, it's going to tell them that they are entering a fun, happy and loud space. It's an important job for just one painting, but....It's gonna look something like this:

So there you have it, people, my painting.. I'm not going to use this exact one above the radiator at the entrance, as I need a larger and longer piece, but this is just an example of the colorful and happy paintings I create and want to use for my space.
I am also going to hang a large painting above the sectional in the living room, either a big photo of our family or more pieces, something like this ( black and white is always a good choice for me):

A well-chosen piece of art can bright up a dull room and compliment the space nicely:

It can be subtle with small pops of colour....

.... loud, dipped in gold....

....serene, soothing and relaxing....

...or colourful and happy.

Colourful and happy, again!

You can go for either a large piece of painting that will capture the attention and become the focal point of the room like the ones above or you can use multiple pieces of art to create texture inside the space.

 Having more art pieces on the wall, whether they are paintings or photos is always a good idea for smaller or difficult to decorate spaces:

Art in the bathroom is a very classy touch, if you ask me, it makes the space more personal and adds character.

In a monochromatic design adding a large colorful piece adds drama to the space and makes it feel cheerful and bright although the space itself holds only shades of the same colour.

Don't forget my love for black and white:

Art doesn't have to be loud and scream in your face, it can blend nicely in the space:

How fabulous is this painting hung with that stunning  rope-device?!! Amazing!!


And look at this setting, art outside?! Innovative and classy, I think!! I'd do this on my porch anytime!!

I am sure you all love art. But what kind do you like: paintings, photography do you buy them or do it yourself?! Do share!!
All images via my Houzz account: ozana81


  1. Imi aduce mosu si mie unu ??? :D

  2. Art.... mmmmm the one thing I can never get enough of! the one thing you can never go wrong with!

  3. You're right, Dawna! I think that the reason you can never go wrong with art is because art is always subjective. What works for me may not work for you, but it's ok, because I use it in my personal space. Right? We decorate our own space in a personal matter, and we use art that resonates with our soul. I think that's what makes a great space.


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