Dec 13, 2012

Thursday House@heart Tour

Hello, sweeties!!
Christmas is coming and I haven't started decorating yet.. It seems that the Christmas mood hasn't found me yet. But that doesn't mean I am not greatful for what this year has brought to us.. I am grateful for my family, for us all being healthy and together, for the days we spent and those that are to come. And, of course, I am grateful for you, those who read my blog and share ideas with me!! This sounds like a Thanksgiving post, doesn't it??!!:)))
In particular I am grateful for the house we are building. We started building it almost five years ago, we had a lot of plans and hopes, we thought we'd finish sooner, but here we still are, living in an apartment with two rooms and two children. It's not easy, each day is a challenge,we try to grow and teach our children love, patience and compassion. It does not always work, but  we try!!:))
Now, back to the house!! It's up and almost running, meaning that we painted the walls, have floors, windows, doors, plumbing, electric and whatever else it needs, the heating system is almost half way done, we've come a long way since 4 years ago when we didn't even have walls!!
Staring the blog really helped me be more focused, more house-oriented, so to speak. I know now better what I want and what I thrive for. A few days ago I went to the house to assembly some shelves and a small dresser from Ikea for the girls' bedroom. While the girls and their father were out playing in the snow, I snapped a few photos and I'm going to talk to you about my furniture plans..
Here are a few shots from the entrance (excuse the mess, cleaning supplies everywhere!!) and that padding on the floor is keeping our shoes clean when entering the house:

Here you can see the space I'll be working with on the left of the window.
If only the window were placed in the middle...

In the first photo you see the right side of the entrance. Under the window I'll have either an intricate vintage console table or a ultra-modern slim black console. Under the console I'll have an upholstered bench or 2 x-legs stools, only I don't think I'll find them in Romania.. and on the left side of the window I'd like a floor mirror, which I won't be able to lay on the floor with two small children, so I'll hang it on  the wall. If I choose to put some baskets under the console I'll use a chair (or two) in front of the mirror. Inspiration photos:

Jennifer Ferreira Design
Just my cup of tea!! Black and white and that floor mirror....

Sean Michael Design
Interesting console table, I'll choose a dark color as my walls are white.

Here is the floor mirror, I won't be able to use it behind the console as there's the window, but I'll lean it on the left of the window.I absolutely adore x-benches/stools!!

Atmosphere Design
I'd go for a symmetrical look with two chairs, but the window is not centered..I could use the large mirror to create balance, though.. What do you think?

An example of a large floor mirror hung on the wall, I'd go lower, though!

In this photo you see the left side of the entrance.

That's the place for a large piece of art above the heater. It's gonna look great!! Above it all we'll choose a chandelier that will be a showstopper!! Something like this:

Right in front as you enter the house are the stairs. We already have the wood for the stairs, we stained it black, we only have to nail it to the stairs and I think it will look very classy, something like this:

Here are our stairs now:

They have a nice design, right?!

Both for the exterior doors and for the interior ones we chose a dark colour, wenge. Yes, I know, it shows dust and dirt and all, but get used to it, I like black!!:)) In the second photo of the stairs you can see the bathroom door and the beginning of the upstairs hall. On the left in that last photo I'll put my mother's dresser that I'm planning to paint with  Annie Sloan's Emperor's Silk paint!!

The red on this dresser is Emperor's Silk! It's gorgeous!!

Now, back to the first floor, as there are things to talk about there, also!! Here's a shot of the floor and the tiles at the entrance. They are both grey, the floor is Quick-Step Laminate Flooring, they are not wood floors, but they are resilient and very sturdy. We've had them for more than half year and they don't have a scratch on them!! The ceramic floor tiles are exterior tiles, we chose them for their industrial grey loog, they seem a bit rusty ( they look like they have a little orangy rust on them, and I like that).  

This is the place under the stairs , we're going to have some custom-built-in storage space here.

I don't know what that blanket is doing there, though!!:))

So this is all about the entrance and the stairs at our house! I hope you liked it, and if not, I want your suggestions to help me create a home we'll love!!
This is the first part of a miniseries I'm preparing for you- THURSDAY HOUSE TOUR-  part two is coming soon (first floor bathroom+living room+kitchen). Stay tuned!!
I'm waiting for your input on plans for my house!! Have a great day!!


  1. When you move in, I will take a week off and come to visit you, despite the long distance between us (and that's a promise). And I will enjoy every minute of perusing your house (and dressings:P) in detail.

    Now, to the topic: I find the X chairs a little bit tiring for the eye. They'd make me dizzy :)I like the first inspirational photo better (best actually). The chandelier is absolutely fabulous, but mind it: it'll take you an entire day to clean it when spring/autumn cleaning comes.

    I love your stairs. Not particularly the iron (I would've chosen wood, you know me), but the fact that they seem VERY comfortable to climb: they are smooth and won't make you dizzy (I have a problem with stairs anyway).

    That credenza Emperor's Silk is dvinely pretty. I look forward to seeing how you'll be able to incorporate and manage so many different styles, though :D

    Storage under the stairs is always a very good option. But it could also be a cool display of ... something (art of some kind, books etc)...

  2. @anatati: I'm not holding my breath until you come to see me, but you promised, so this must be worth something:)) I've invited you like 2 or 3 times so far, and you still haven't come yet, so...
    About the chandy, I don't care about cleaning issues, I'll just deal with it, cause I loooove it too much!!
    I can hardly wait to paint the dresser too!! And it's gonna look great in my home, I'm not worried about mixing styles, and , as for the colours, I am not afraid to use them!! Oh, I can hardly wait!! I just have to find a buyer for this apartment, STAT!!
    I cannot use the place under the stairs for display because there isn't enough space to see them, it's not an open staircase... Storage is needed!!

  3. you're having a painted dresser??? When I say dresser I refer to "dulap" (wordrobe). You're referring to the same thing?

    You're MEGA cool, girl with all this diy :P

    PS: I'll come, it's a promise!

  4. Ok, 'dresser' for me is 'comoda' and I was referring to my mom's that I am to take this Christmas. The same way it can be referred to as 'credenza', although credenzas store disehes, I think! 'Wardrobe' would be 'armoire' for me!!. It doesn't matter, though, it depends on how you see it:))
    If and when you come I'll greet you with a fancy-shmency (?!?!) table arrangement!:))

  5. I'll come at the new house. And I didn't understand the last sentence. I have the feeling there's some hidden meaning there:D

  6. No hidden meaning. I just found some great party decorating ideas I'm planning to use. Like my mom's ruby glasses, diy napkins, gold cutlery etc!! What hidden meaning, u crazy?! Just excited!!
    Tell me u wouldn't appreciate a classy colorful table arrangement in ruby, navy blue and white, with accents of gold???? OOOh, my!! I'm tingling!!:))

  7. Your blog is great and very inspiring, cant wait to see what you do with your beautiful home. Whatever you do, if you love it, it will show, listen to your own heart and go with your gut, don't too much stock in others opinions, I did that for awhile and I was never happy with the end result and until I did my own thing was I happy and people respected my design aesthetic. Keep us updated :)

  8. @myrna: I m thrilled to have you on my blog, myrna, and you are totally right: a space created and decorated with the heart will always look good for the owner, in this case, me!! I absolutely love your blog!!:)

  9. I think all your plans sound great! Love the idea of hanging a big mirror in the front entry. I think if you go with an intricate vintage console table, a simple bench would be best to go with it. If you really want the X-benches, i'd go with a modern & simple console. Are you going to paint your own artwork for the wall above the radiator? I think you should :-) Something colourful & abstract would look great there :-)

  10. Omg, Kelly!! You must have someone spying me here, as it seems you're reading my mind!!:)) I am definitely going to paint myself the art above the radiator!! I already started doing smaller paintings (and got a positive response from the hubby and daughters!!:))), but for the one in the entry hall I'm going big!! I'll wait to have the furniture first, then decide on the colors/style of the painting.
    I agree that there should be some balance, I won't choose all intricate or all simple furniture, I m going to mix it. I love the x benches, but I can't find them here, x for me!!:)

  11. mind it, hubby and daughters might just be polite about your paintings :))))))))))))


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