Mar 26, 2013

Origin of small runner- please, help!

Heya, you all!!
Oh, man, the flu just loves me to pieces!! It won't leave!! It's stuck to me and seems to love it here...unfortunately!! Just like winter, some may say...
Today I want to ask your help in finding the origin, style, or whatever information you may offer about some yummy vintage finds I got the other day...

These two rather small runners make me so happy!!

I will definitely find a place for each at the house, they are wool, that rough kind of wool and the pattern is so full of life!! They seem to be hand woven, but I am not sure!! They have the exact same pattern on the back, too.... I was just wondering where they might be from? The internet indicated Oriental, Turkish, even Romanian... I don't know... Do you know? They seem to be ethnic, but I don't know which country... maybe you can help!!  On Etsy I found a listing for 250 $ and they called it a kilim..... OMG, another for 55 $...and called it a table runner... it's a bit too thick to be a table runner.!! I'm lost... just out of curiosity, cause I already love them!! Thanx!!



  1. Hola Ozana no entiendo mucho el ingles … podrías poner en tu blog una opción que pone traducir?? ya que me cuesta entender mucho lo que tu pones

  2. Lo he ponido de nuevo, ya lo avia antes, pero la traduccion es bastante incorrecta... El boton para la traduccion es sobre Popular Posts. Espero que entiendes ahora..

  3. It's definitely a Kilimn don't know the exact origin because the colors are so unusual Lucky you though.


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