Mar 22, 2013

Dark bedrooms

Hi, guys...
I have the flu, I feel like someone beat me up, my whole body aches...It sucks... I just want to crawl into a cozy dark bedroom and sleep for a week.. Here are some bedrooms I love, dark bedrooms:

Dark and simple...

Fur is good for the flu...

Earthy tones- yes, please!!

I'd pull the drapes and I'd sleep...

Black.....some tuft.....yes!!

Furry throw and French chair= L O V E

Liking the brick!!

Some gold is good...

Loving it!!

Dark chinoiserie pannels and velvet bedding= gorgeous.

Some vintage oil paintings would cure me!

Awesome headboard!!

I'm craving for dark bedrooms right now, what do you say? Like them or not??


All images from Pinterest.


  1. Ozana encuentro lindo e impactante una habitación oscura. Ahora no se si yo tendría una habitación así

  2. Yo lo tendria, pero mi marido dice que no!:)))


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