Mar 22, 2013

Manuel Canovas fabric

Sourcing for fabrics for drapery at the house, I went a little cucu and found some amazing fabric that I will never have. But, I am used to dreaming, and showing you, guys these amazing fabrics makes me happy. Whenever I find something that makes me happy I feel like sharing it with you, because if you read my blog, you must like stuff like this.
Be warned, these are some very, very expensive fabrics, I found a listing on ebay- 1850 $ for 10 yards, yeah, that is so out of my league, especially for drapery!! But they are just too yummy not to show them to you!! So, here they are:

Tell me you didn't just die...

Oh, man I want this drapery in my living room...

Just look at those details....

A more Mexican look...

Great colour combo!!

Classic paisley print....

Yummy green...

Just look at the texture!!

O M G !!!!

Loving it!!

Here is what Manuel Canovas' site tells us:

"Manuel Canovas is unmistakably French in style with each new collection inspired by the spirit of the art de vivre associated with 18th century France yet re-interpreted to contemporary taste. Luxurious fabrics are instantly recognisable by bold and unusual colour harmonies, in company with vibrant shades of rose Indian, anis, amethyst and turquoise. Innovative, stylish design and superior textiles make Canovas ranges perfect for residential and contract use, and silks, damasks, toiles de jouy, prints, embroideries and numerous weaves feature prominently in this exceptional range. “Canovas is the art of living à la Francaise” says Ariane Dalle, “with a very special colour palette, and a real touch of originality.”

Hope you enjoyed seeing these happy fabrics!! And if some of you have some  MC leftover fabric and nothing to do with it,feel free to bring it my way!!:)))))


Source of images here.


  1. I just dig the lively colours; they get me so high!You should definetely have them in the living-room!

  2. I should have them, yes!! But the price makes me wake up in a second!!! :)))

    1. Some things cost a fortune, others are priceless, right?

  3. Ay amiga que telas mas lindas y coloridas . Me encanto esa en combinación con el sillón rosado!! fantástica

  4. Esa con la sillon rosado es mi preferida tambien!! Son telas maravilliosas, pero muy caras...

  5. This fabrics are TO DIE FOR! Thanks for stopping by today and commenting on my puppy!
    Your posts are lovely!
    xo Nancy


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