Mar 25, 2013

One Room Challenge- my personal favourites!!

Hello, lovelies!!

Have you heard of One Room Challenge?? The ones in the blog world have definitely heard of this project, but some of my readers from Romania may not. So, here are the details!!

One room Challenge is a semi-annual event, where 20 bloggers (professional designers, interior designers or diy'ers) transform a room from start to finish. During six weeks, every Wednesday, they give updates on the room progress. Interesting, right? Why don't fun projects like these happen in Romania, I ask?? Anyone?!?!
This project is over, I have seen all the transformations and I have a few favourites, whose transformations are really mind-blowing!!

My favourite transformation is Naomi's, from Design Manifest. She created a sophisticated, yet fun, bedroom,with a beautiful headboard and the most amazing wall colour. She added a gorgeous vintage etagere and her own personal style, in the end she's the lucky girl who sleeps here:

Here's the before/after photo:

Great, right?!?!

Another beautiful transformatin is Calling it home's white foyer, which I think is amazing... all the details, the furniture she used, the symmetry, that white pudel, the rugs, all make up a very inviting and warm place, full of character and life. Take a look:

Wouldn't you like to enter this home??


I also loved how my faves, the antlers, are integrated in the space. The Green Room Interiors used four cute tropies above the TV. Me likey!!

I also love this light and airy bedroom that Design Indulgence created, perfect for a cool breezy summer night, this is what I think when I look at this transformation: summer holidays!!

Loving that antler, so small and lonely there, it's perfect!!

I chose these rooms because I personally click with these ladies' aesthetic, but all the bloggers participating in this challenge did an amazing job, and to us, the readers, it is fascinating to see every decision-making and detail involved in the construction of a space. That is why I think this project is great and useful.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the transformations I showed you. For more details on each transformation click on the highlighted blog name. If you want to see  all the  transformations click on  One Room Challenge 
( you can find the list at the end of the post).
Have you got any favourites??


Images: ORC button: here; 1,2: Design Manifest; 3,4,5,6: Calling it home; 7: The Green Room Interiors; 8,9,10: Design Indulgence.


  1. Thank you, Ozana. I am so happy you liked the challenge. Thank you for featuring my room. You are right, everyone did an amazing job. I love your blog.

  2. ozana realmente esas habitaciones son muy lindas .especialmente esa entrada de la casa del blog " calling it home"
    que tengas una linda semana

    1. A mi tambien me gusto mucho la entrada, Angelica!

  3. I have never heard of this challenge! Beautiful room that you picked!

    1. It seems like a fun project, right?! Thanks for stopping by, Myrna!!


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