Apr 3, 2013

Colour and colour reloaded!! +nostalgia

Heya, friends!!
It's been pouring (not men!!) for almost 24 hours, so it's all gloomy and wet outside, I keep the lights on in the apartment now, even though it's almost noon... Hm...not liking the rain much!! I felt the need for some colour, and since I'm not doing anything decor-related in the apartment as we have only about two weeks to live here (yeyy!!), I thought that a few colourful rooms wouldn't hurt! So, I cam across this loft, on Decoholic. It is filled with colour, and when I say this, I mean LOADED!!I like it, it is fun and vibrant, but you must really love colour to want to wake up to this decor every single day!!

Colourful, right??

Loving those suspended chairs!!

Loving the grey brick with all the colours!!

How cool is this ombre??

Aqua bathroom.

Sunnied-up yet?? This loft is by Christopher Coleman Interior Design, an internationally renowned designer who thinks that everyone should deserve good design and he tries to achieve that. That's a good thing, right? Here is what he says about his creations: 
 “I want originality in a project, not a room that has been transported from a showroom. I mix found pieces with custom designed furniture to give each room a personality!” 

Now, look what I saw outside my bedroom window!! Spring did come, indeed!! I just hadn't seen it yet!! This pinkish tree is loaded with flowers, it's so cute standing there in the pouring rain, cause you may not see it  in the picture, but it's raining, a lot!!

On a more personal note, it is normal that I am starting to feel nostalgic about leaving my apartment, right?! I am simply dying to move to the house, where all will be new and larger and so on, but I found now that I am connected with this little gloomy apartment I've been living in  for 9 years... Here I brought my girls from the hospital, we've had birthdays and parties, we've lived our lives here... Kinda sad to leave...


All images but the last are from Decoholic.


  1. Realmente ese departamento si que tiene color ... Se ve por ese árbol florido la llegada de la primavera
    Muchos catiños

  2. Mucho, mucho color!!!:)))

  3. To much color for me!!! Look forward to seeing your new space complete!

  4. Getting there, final countdown!!


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