Apr 5, 2013

Berber style shaggy

Sorry for posting this late, I am on a mission, you know that, we're close to the moving date, around a week to go!! Yeyyy!!!
I just had to share what I found today. I am rugless in the bedroom and in the livingroom, not to mention the upstairs hall, so I am on a hunt to finding rugs... Look what  Rug Vista  have got up their sleeve:

Berber-like shaggy rugs!!

I haven't seen them in real life, but they look really fluffy and I am just loving the pattern imitating those on the very expensive original Beni Ourain Berber rugs.... Don't know what these rugs are?  Go here. Ok, so   3000 $ for a rug? No, thank you!! But, please, can I have one of these?? Preety please??

Here is how they look in a room:

And here are some close-ups:

They look preety good, right?

I think they are lovely, what are your thoughts?? Do share!!


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  1. Love the lighter colored one! Super cute!
    I have terrible allergies so I can't ever get these types of rugs but super cute!

  2. I tend to favour the lighter coloured one, also!:). Actually, I originally thought they were all synthetic, but on a closer look, I found out they have some wool, also. That's always good, except for those having allergies..
    Great to have you, Adrienne!!

  3. Asi que te mudas pronto de casa !! que emoción….
    Ozana me encantan esas alfombras pero efectivamente son muy caras


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