Apr 4, 2013

Go wild!!

I have a thing with animal prints these days. I've found some beautiful images, taken my inspiration from them, but, unfortunately, didn't save them to my computer!! But that's ok, there is Houzz and Pinterest, so I'm off to show you some animal print decors I like!
You can add a touch of wild with just a couple of chairs:

Set the tone with an animal print stair runner:

I think a bit of wildernes is so chic in the bedroom:

Wouldn't you like to have a long relaxing bath here:

And now, show it all in the living room:

Could you go WILD-WILDEST like this bold Kelly Wearstler design?? I wonder...

So, what do you say? How would you incorporate animal print in your home? Would you add just a touch or would you go all the way?? Would you incorporate it al all? Do share!!

And now, ladies and gents, this is for my husband, he'd love to have this room I came across in my search: 




  1. I remember that initially you wanted leopard tiles in the bathroom. Or is it lion? Anyway animal print :)) I like some of these photos. And the stairs runner is something to die for.

  2. I think it was tiger!! Poor lion has no print!! I was dreaming, then I woke up and I realized I am married to my husband..:)))
    Seriously now, that is why I am glad I started my blog, so I can keep a record of my changing/evolving taste and the ideas I get....
    Loving animal prints also...

  3. I'm soo tired... poor lion!!!
    So, if you're married to your husband what? Didn't get it.

    1. Hubby said no on the tiger then, and on the price tag of the tiles!! Best decision, apparently, cause tiger would have meant browns+creams and afterwards I discovered I am not a browns+cream lady... I ' m more black+ white!!:)

  4. Ozana a mi me gusta mucho esa tendencia animal print . Pero no demasiadas cosas quizás una alfombra de cebra, una silla o un cojín ... No demasiado , te podría cansar rapido

    1. A mi tambien me encantaria una sillia..... en zebra!!

  5. Ozana, this is the wild beast in you! Set it free, woman, and let her imprint the house!:)

  6. Clara, my husband's a hunter, it's dangerous to be a wild beast around him!! He has a gun!!!:))))))


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