Apr 8, 2013

Pink bedroom for the girls!!

Dear friends, I thought that today was Sunday... I had no idea it was Monday!!! My eldest daughter has a week off, so today I didn't have to take her to school, therefore I am lost...I refrained from posting, cause I thought it was Sunday...How silly, right??
It's time to show you some progress in the girls' bedroom, actually it's getting closer to being finished! As we speak hubby is installing the lighting in their room. It is an exciting time for us!! Yet it is exhausting... driving around, shopping for what we still need, thinking ahead, it is tiring but I like it....

Their fuchsia shaggy rug!!

She arranged the clothes herself...

We bought a toy storage unit for their room, it still needs to be assembled, I still need to make pillows for the bench, make some boxes for under the bench, and a few other small things, I'm not revealing it all today!!
It's a pink-pink room for my lovely girls....Do you like it?? Or is it too much for you??

Do share!!


Later edit:
Here is the bedroom now:

U likey??


  1. Ozana, its adorable and I'm sure your girls must love it!

  2. Ozana me encanta como esta quedando la habitacion de tu hoya. Adoro esa silla en degrade … me quiero hacer una igual

  3. LOVE IT! Where did you find the pink rug? Thanks!


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