May 21, 2013


Many things are on my mind these days, but they seem to get solved one by one, I just have to be patient, trust my instincts and dream on!! I was telling you yesterday that I was waiting for my chandy to arrive so that we could finally enjoy it in the living room. It came and now it makes me fall in love with it every time I walk in the room!! You cannot imagine how sparkly the crystals are, and maybe because  they are Venetian crystals, they shed the most coloured lights!! It instanthy changed the feel of the room, it softened and made it elegant!! As you can see, I am really pleased with my new chandelier!!

BUT this post is not about chandeliers again, it is about another decorating piece I'd like to own and don't  have yet!! It all started a few weeks ago when I spotted a woman's bust in a very nice store here, in my town, a place called "Iris". It has the most beautiful things that could warm up any space and I personally dream of spending loads of money there!! I fell in love with the bust, didn't take it then, but it remained on my mind since. I should go buy it!!

The small bust is perfect for this black ang gold console.

Again, perfect for the black and white modern decor!

A bigger size bust in a niche with headlight is a great idea!!

I love this photo! The painting makes the white bust pop!

Love it in the bathroom!!

As a jewlery holder...

A bigger bust against a modern painting is genius!!

... near books- classic!!

...simple and tasteful...

Perfect bust for the workspace!!

This is a sculpture, but I love it still!!

...bust looks great with drapes as backdrop!!

Add class to the foyer with a sculpture!

I will definitely have one or more busts around my house! How about you?? Do share!!


All images are from Houzz.


  1. Hola mi querida amiga , a mi las esculturas de ese tipo me encantan pero en pequeñas dosis , ,,, una casa llena de esculturas no me gusta , pero si ,,, una que otra

  2. I have several. Love them couldn't live without them. Epitome of classy.

  3. The black and white modern room has been my All
    Time fav!

  4. Your chandelier is gorgeous! I dont have a bust yet, been looking for just the right one to hang my necklaces on...great post Ozana :)


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