May 23, 2013

Coffee lover

 If you're anything like me, every morning you.....

This is the case, people, every morning!! I cannot function without my morning coffee!! And I am fond of my afternoon coffee too, but the one I have in the morning is a must!! I don't have a coffee station yet, I am still dreaming of a good coffee/expresso machine, I would use it daily with such joy and I have exactly the right spot for it!! Think oil painting with gold frame, think white modern coffee cups, a sleek machine and fresh flowers along with maybe a bust?? I am not short on ideas, I tell ya!! This photo I've used for my oil-painting -in-the-kitchen post also, but it still makes my heart bloom!!

This one is also perfect!!

 Here are some built-in stations:

...a traditional one...

...and one on the modern side...

In order to have a built-in station, you have to plan it from the beginning, so it's a bit more difficult, and as much as I love built-ins I believe that a separate space for this purpose is more elegant, it allows you to create a preety vignette, use baskets and flowers for texture and grounding the room.

How awesome is that CAFE sign??!!

Some colous are always welcomed!!

And if you are more of a tea person, here are some inspiration photos for you:

This morning my coffee was not so great, I have bought another type of coffee and I seem to have trouble making this type to my own liking...Sad... This day has to be great in order to compensate for my not-so-great coffee, right?!:))
You all have a great day!!


All photos are from Houzz and Pinterest.


  1. When you buy a coffee station pay good attention to it. I'd recommend mine at any time.
    Of course, I had to go over the edge and buy a coffee grinder (manual at this point; electrical in the future) as well and I now only buy fresh roasted coffee beans which I grind every morning (except for 90% of the time when I get up too late for such task) before making the espresso. That's pure heaven.

    1. What brand is yours? Also, how have you styled that space??

  2. Yo tengo una estación de café , pero sólo esta la cafetera ,,, usted me recordó que tengo que habilitar la ,para que sea más cálida

  3. I'm so with you Ozana, I love my home made latte in the morning, and a coffee station is a must for me! I love that last photo, its very "me" :)

    1. That last photo is indeed gorge!!:)


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