Jun 14, 2013

Antlers in the bedroom

Weekend is here, you guys!! Happy?? I know I am!! And to celebrate it, here is a post about a few small changes I made in the master! Now, you all must know that I'm a hunter's wife and a hunter's daughter so, I am used to antlers... Yeah, I grew up with a trophy wall above the bed!! :)) They sort of make me feel at ease, and at peace.... just like a chair in the bedroom makes me sleep better (how's that for odd!:))
Soooo, I knew I was going to use antlers in the bedroom, as this space is the most personal in a house. This is how it turned out (remember, it is a work in progress):

Yeah, yeah, I know, one too many shots of the same piece..I couldn't help it, I just love my space!! Have you noticed the small change I made to the Malm dresser? I added some old gold snake pulls! Initially I had planned to use some lion head pulls, but ended up ordering these snake pulls online and I am happiest with the result! Malm begins to look better, don't you think?! It is going to undergo some more work, and then he'll be my own perfect hacked Malm!!

That's it, guys, some small updates in the master bedroom!! To see the initial reveal, go here.
How do you feel about antlers? Love them or hate them? What about sleeping with them in the bedroom?? Do share!!



  1. Hola amiga ya estoy de vuelta ,,, me encanta como esta tu dormitorio.., esa cómoda esta preciosa

  2. Love those pulls,greta choice!

    1. I had my eye on those pulls since my Rast hack!! So glad I used them!!


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