Jul 30, 2013

DIY sunburst wall decoration

Diy day today, ma'people!! Remember the desk I made for my bedroom? It still is one of my fave diy projects, and I am just realizing that I keep my top three favorite projects in the bedroom: Mr. Rast, the black headboard and the Greek Key striped desk!! Ha!!
Here's a simple and fab diy project I made to complete the look for the desk area. I have always dreamt of having a sunburst mirror, never got around to buying one, though...they are difficult to find here, in Romania, yeah, don't laugh!!! So, a diy sunburst mirror has been in my plans for a while now, and with itching to do someting, I finally got on with it!!
Can you say SIMPLE??
What I used:
- round cutting board (yes, for kitchen use!!)
- 25 cm bamboo skewers- 2 packs
- stapling gun and staples
- hammer to make sure the skewers are not moving
- black spray paint
- gold leaf sheets and gold leaf adhesive
- leopard print adhesive paper
The process is preety self- explanatory, so take a look:

I chose to attach the leopard print because I didn't really need a mirror on that wall, I already have the big mirrored sliding door on the dressing, you can see the reflection on the right.... It started as a diy sunburst mirror and ended up being a wall decoration! Fine by me!! Adapt, I say!!
I'm keeping it attached with a string for now, just want to make sure I love it there, and I kinda love it... hubs will soon be asked to drill yet another hole in the wall... not his idea of fun.. he hates making holes in our preety new white walls... ha!!
I have a strong feeling I'll be doing a few of these wall decorations, I'm lusting for a white one... and some other colours... and sizes.. we'll see...



  1. This is one is really something! You are truly gifted!:)

  2. It looks great! I love the gold leaf.

  3. That is darling! What a fun idea with gold leafing the tips...great job Ozana! Love that room view.
    xo nancy

  4. I love this Ozana! I love sunburst mirrors too (don't know why I haven't bought one yet!) I love that you added the leopard print paper; it's different and beautiful! :-) & goes very well with your gorgeous desk! :-)

  5. Ozana, putting gold on the ends is brilliant. I love how new this idea is. Thanks for joining.


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